House Hunting

You are struggling to find the perfect home in Grenoble? Our private house hunting service is tailored to your specific needs whether you are in Grenoble or overseas.
Searching for the perfect home can be daunting and time consuming, especially if you are unfamiliar with the area. Free yourself from the pressure of house hunting and enjoy an ultra-personalized service that will guide you through each stage of your search.
Thanks to a thorough understanding of the housing market, and an excellent network, our team of property hunters are at your disposal, dedicated to finding you a house or a flat in Grenoble or its surrounding area.

 Let us find the  RIGHT HOME for YOU !

The key steps

An efficient and tailor-made solution on Grenoble and London.

As a search agent, we will work closely with you to find the right property for you, either to live in or as an investment.

A custom-made solution

After a first phone call where we briefly talk about your project, we arrange a meeting in our offices – if you live overseas we will organize an in-depth telephone conversation. This will allow us to discuss your needs more thoroughly and put together a brief that suits your requirements and budget. We take the time to develop a true understanding of what you like and don’t like.

The contract

We agree on a second appointment to set up the search (mandat de recherche) and we start looking as soon as the contract is signed. We are careful to maintain a close relationship with you. We will update you throughout the search which allows you to navigate the search process with confidence and ease.

The search

We make a complete diagnosis of all the properties on the market whether they are on sale in real estate agencies or through independent sellers. We focus on your specific needs and report back to you outlining properties we have considered, have viewed and the reasons for any we have ruled out. After each report, we invite you to give us your impressions (positive or negative) to fully understand your desires and we will adjust our search accordingly. We help you prioritize your needs and find solutions to meet your expectations.
Happy with one of the properties? We organize a visit according to your schedule – outside office hours if required.

The signing of the deed

Your property hunter accompanies you throughout the buying process. We give you a professional opinion on the buying price and negotiate for you, in your interests and in full transparency. Our experience and market knowledge enables us to optimize your offer.
We stay by your side, from the signing of the compromis de vente (sale and purchase agreement) to the signing of l’acte de vente (deed of sale). We secure the purchase by performing the inspection and verification of use before signing.

Other missions

Mademoiselle Immo is your real estate specialist for Greater Grenoble and London.

  • You want to sell before buying? We give you an estimation of your property value, and manage the sale.
  • You are doing a rental investment? We can manage the renting.

Mademoiselle Immo at your service

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